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Emotional well-being is strongly linked to health. The information on this website provides tools to help people learn to manage their emotions more easily, reduce stress and improve their everyday lives.

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  • Emotions and stress

    Emotions and stress

    We see the world through the filter of our senses and interpretations. Stress enables us to adapt to our environment, but if it gets out of hand it can cause problems for us. Learn to understand your emotions and get some tips on how to handle stress in your everyday life.

  • Emotional well-being and health

    Emotional well-being and health

    Chronic illnesses are closely linked to lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and stress.

    To feel well, a healthy lifestyle is essential. Getting good information will help.

  • How am I?

    How am I?

    Learn to recognise your positive feelings, stress levels, etc. with questionnaires that will help you understand more clearly how you feel.

    Your results will help guide you in choosing where to start on the website.

  • How can I feel better?

    How can I feel better?

    Learn to develop your strengths and control stress better, improving your health and well-being, through a programme with different modules where you will find information and exercises to work on at your own pace.

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